Lava Tubes & Ice Caves

McCloud Outdoors works with local permitted guides and services to offer excursions to Lava Tubes and Ice Caves. Join us for 4-8 hour trips to McCloud area caves that are absolutely spectacular. Your trip can be geared towards your adventure level. From a straightforward Lava Tube that seems to go on forever, to Ice Caves that are second to none.

Sacred sites- Some believe that the Lava Tubes & Ice Caves are very spiritual. Several sites allow for complete darkness and silence for the perfect place to meditate and commune with nature.
The Ice River and a column of ice!
A typical Lava Tube!
Guests must be able to negotiate some tight spots. Guides will pre-test participants in the lava fields prior to entering the actual cave.
These excursions are generally for people 9 years and older in good physical condition. Participants should be able to crawl through small spaces, and must have physical fitness that will allow them to negotiate loose, boulder-strewn floors and icy patches safely. This tour is not appropriate for people with major medical conditions such  as heart disease, arthritis, or those with an extreme fear of heights or tight spaces.

Helmets, gloves & 2 sources of light are provided. Sturdy boots, and warm layered clothing that may be damaged is recommended. The guide may cancel the tour at any time for health or safety reasons.

The Devils Throat!