Top 10 Tips for Finding Morel Mushrooms

Are you excited with thoughts of Mushroom Hunting after our Mushroom Festival? What’s the best mushroom to find?

Whether you like them or not, few can deny that mushrooms are a great delicacy — sautéed mushrooms alongside a medium rare rib-eye steak — or a huge Portobello mushroom tastes like steak itself. However, chefs, diners and mushroom hunters (called ‘Shroomers) agree that one mushroom stands above all others. Morel mushrooms Read more “Top 10 Tips for Finding Morel Mushrooms”

The Ten Essentials

Packing the “Ten Essentials” whenever you step into the backcountry, even on day hikes, is a good habit. True, on a routine trip you may use only a few of them or none at all. It’s when something goes awry that you’ll truly appreciate the value of carrying these items that could be essential to your survival. Read more “The Ten Essentials”